Mandatory Parenting Classes in Texas High Schools…

By jen

For fuck’s sake…  Kids are being irresponsible and having sex, let’s teach them how to be parents in High School!  Let’s bring in some young moms and dads to talk about their experience.  I am guessing the free condoms in high school isn’t doing the trick so let’s spend millions and teach them all about the realities of parenting.   Fuck you.

SAN ANTONIO – Millions of your tax dollars are spent on caring for teen mothers and their children. Now the state is taking steps to prevent those pregnancies. A parenting class is now mandatory for all high school students.

It’s now state law—every district is required to teach father involvement, legal realities of child support, and healthy relationship skills. Mom Yolanda Perez is happy to hear the state is stepping up to help educate her teenage daughter about the reality of parenting.

“Teaching your children early on—maybe that will help them stop and think—hopefully that will,” says Perez.

Ok, let me state a few obvious points, because that is what I fucking do.

1.  Kids fuck because it feels good and they are fundamentally retarded from hormones.

2.  Kids fuck without condoms and birth control because they are wreckless, idiotic, children with no sense of consequences to their actions and are fundamentally retarded from hormones.  More now than ever before.

Getting pregnant in high school use to be a source of shame or at least embarrasment.  Now it is a goddamn badge of fucked up honor.  Like having a pair of Seven for Mankind Jeans or a Dooney & Burke purse.  Little accessories for the teenager who has everything.

3. Ms. Perez mentioned above thinks teaching kids early on will maybe make them stop and think.  Early on is not in high school, sweetie.  Sorry.

I am not against sex education.  I think kids should have information and many parents fall down on that job, but many parents are idiots and there is no amount of state funded and mandatory education that is going to fix the fact we are fundementally a fucked up society when it is totally acceptible to fuck like minks in jr. high.

No doubt Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin would have thought differently if they had this class in high school!  Fucking stupid logic.  First off, Lynn Spears is a twisted sick woman who has whored out her children since they were old enough to toddle into Disney/Nickelodeon studios and start making mama some money.  No amount of education could have saved either of her kids.

Second, trust me when I tell you, Bristol Palin has had plenty of parenting classes right at home.  You want me to believe she didn’t know what it meant to have children.  As the older daughter I assure you she has changed a lot of diapers and done her share of baby sitting especially with the number of kids in the Palin family and just from what you see of how they all interact with each other.  That didn’t stop young Bristol, like most teens, from having sex. At least Bristol stands a good chance of making a good mom because she has a family who loves her and she knows how to feed and clean a child at the very least.

From the Texas AG website…

  • How does p.a.p.a. teach these things?

    • p.a.p.a. is not a lecture-driven curriculum. It is designed to be interactive, with teachers leading group discussions and activities that engage students while educating them. Students have an opportunity to hear young people tell their own stories about how their lives changed when they found out they were going to have children, how they face the challenges of teen parenthood, and what they would do differently if they could. A student workbook full of introspective exercises helps students apply the lessons to their own lives. Individual or group research projects give students an opportunity to learn more about specific topics.

I know that every girl who got knocked up in my oldest daughter’s class still managed to go to prom, homecoming, and every other damn thing they wanted to do.  I mean why should a baby put a crimp in their social life?  The reality is granny and granddad end up raising these kids and the teens go on with life as though nothing happened, sort of like having your tonsils out.  No fucking consequences!

I will tell you right the fuck now… If any of my girls get knocked up there will be no homecomings, no proms, no anything other than homework, and baby work.  Welcome to the world of parenting, sweetheart.  You should have thought about prom and going to the mall and parties with your girlfriends before you decided to be a dumbass and have unprotected sex!


The schools are failing miserably at teaching math and reading and I am suppose to trust them to teach my kids about parenting?  Are you fucking kidding me?  They are going to put some pair of dumb ass kids up in front of them like the old “Scared Straight” shit in the 80s and what?  This is going to help?  Teens are teaching my teens about being a responsible parent?   I wouldn’t trust these kids to drive my car and the state thinks they are qualified to teach my girls how to be moms?  This whole fucking government in my business shit, frosts my cookies.  My girls are so going to private school soon.  I am so not feeling Demure…

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Got steered over here from Ace’s blog. I love your prose, and your attitude. A site I spend a fair amount of time on is full of libs, and we get into some pretty heated discussions. Great to see a woman who thinks with her brain instead of her tinglies. Bookmarked.

We’re hoping that Catholic guilt works for our boys. Heh.

I actually only have major worries for one of our boys – so far. He’s had a girlfriend every year since he was three and thinks he’s the shit. One has always been girl shy – so far he’d rather play sports. The last has Asperger’s, so he would miss the cues of a girl throwing herself right at him. In fact, with his social difficulties, I’d be thrilled if he were to even talk to a girl when he gets to H.S.

I don’t need promiscuous teenage parents teaching my kids how to be parents- our tax dollars at work! We’ll take care of that by example and open communication at home and hope that it sinks in.

There is always the way that I learned…my sister after getting pregnant at 17 in 1969 had a huge fight with my dad when he found out. He stormed into her room and started throwing her clothes out onto the front porch with me (age 5) hanging onto his leg begging him to stop. My dad recovered, bought her a house to rent, she married her boyfriend (been married 39 years) and graduated high school and college with honors. I, on the other hand, was marked for life and my vagina was closed for business until I was well into college. Worked like a charm. Thanks Dad!

Hotspur – tinglies? I’m not sure I have those…

Of course you do. But smart women consult them when listening to love songs, watching romantic movies, or reading a love note from a guy – never to decide how to handle social or political issues.

I consult them when I need brownies and laundry done.  Just sayin’...

I need to be president for a few years.  I would piss everyone off…

Well see there Hotspur, I don’t even associate THOSE with politics – apparently I have wholly apolitical “tinglies”. And yes Jen, you must have some powerful tinglies – mine must be in need of a 17 year tune-up. No brownies or laundry for me. So sad.

President Demure – it has a ring to it. Things would certainly be shaken up. A super intelligent, half Hispanic, straight-talking, outspoken, charismatic, Republican woman with a slammin’ rack and a propensity to smite transgressors – Sarah who?

If kids were just given more self esteem…

now wait a minute, you should know me well enough to know that I’m not going down THAT path…

If kids had more self-esteem due to being held to higher expectations, and were given the tools to meet those expectations (through effective teaching, and from being taught from an early age that there is an expectation of success through achievement rather than just passing kids because they’re too much trouble to hold back), there’s be a lot less of this teen pregnancy nonsense going on.  A girl who values herself will be more careful.  I’m not saying it will prevent every teen pregnancy, but I think many of the pregnancies we see are because the greatest thing a teenage girl is taught to aspire to is being a baby incubator. 

Momotrips…  Could’ve not said it better myself…I agree Sarah who?  On another note…my wife’s tinglies are very powerful…very powerful indeed.

Well hell Da Hubby, no wonder she loves you – the brownies…the laundry… and you’re funny too! Glad you finally decided to join in here.

For a while now things like math or science have been preached in schools. Constantly the wise men of society have taught of the importance of theologies like evolution and sex education, etc. It is incredibly strange that no one has ever thought of the importance of teaching parenting in schools, except to young girls who are already mothers. Is the scientific community scared of offending feminists by speaking about the unique relationship between a child and mother? Why do psychologists tell mothers not to follow their emotions or feel guilty when leaving their children, at a young age, to go back to work? Why is it then okay for gays to listen to their twisted emotions? (Why are positive motherhood emotions ignored and negative gay emotions considered normal?)

Hi Jen,
I stumbled upon your blog while searching for information about parenting classes for HS kids.  First let me say, I like your writing style and your sense of humor. . .you sound like someone my wife and I would hang out and have fun with.
However, I would like to say that I think parenting classes have merit.  And its not to teach kids how to squirt out more children or encourage the desire to do so. . .
The reason I think it is important is that I come from a sociological/psychological background from school, and I sincerely believe in the social process theories of juvenile behavior.  Kids learn from what they see and the social interactions they make.  Like you said above, some kids are stupid enough to treat teenage pregnancy like a fashion accessory (the one that comes to mind is the Pregnancy Pact that happened a while back up in Mass. . . .link is below ) but what concerns me more is the kind of role model these “stupid kids” are going to be on their future generations.
If, like social process theory suggests, kids learn behavior from social interaction, including interaction with parents and siblings. . . .and these parents and siblings are fucked up themselves, then we only perpetuate the cycle of juvenile delinquency and deviant behavior.  Why not have a class that beats these points into the kid’s heads  that THEIR actions will have an incredible influence in the way their kids behave.  That if they fuck up and want to screw up their own life, that’s their business, but don’t drag a kid into it unless they are prepared for the responsibility. . . .then make sure they understand how big the responsibility is.
It may not work; Octomom had everyone in the UNIVERSE telling her she was an idiot and that she wasn’t going to be able to handle that many children by herself.   She went ahead and had them anyway and now months later, she admits she fucked up, that she can’t handle it and she screwed her life. . . but at least we should give the kids the chance at learning that in class instead of having to learn it by experience.  Experience is a BITCH of a teacher.  Fuck her, she grades WAY too hard!!!   But again, that’s why I think these classes are good!!  They give our “stupid, horny kids” the chance to learn this shit before they step off the ledge.
Just my thoughts. . . .I’m not arguing with you, just enjoyed your blog and wanted to respond.

I get what you are saying, and I have done a little research on the topic of teenage mothers and Texas’s 14 hours of parenthood curriculum. I feel that they have the right idea but the half hearted attempt and scare tactics are not gonna get the outcomes they are looking for. If kids are gonna fuck around then they should understand the consequences, and having a sad, lonely, tired, and likely broke teen mom does give them some understanding. But even more than understanding how much it cost to raise a kid, or how it fucks any chance of social life, or how much growing a baby and birthing a baby ruins your body (not to mention turns you into the exorcist from indescribable labor pains), the focus the class lacks is providing these kids with some kid of real parenting skills for when this highly likely situation occurs. I read in 2008, Texas had 55,000 teen mothers. Well in 2007, 700,000 children were abused and neglected. The majority of those neglected kids were ages 0-4 and born to young first time poor mothers. Kids fuck up it is inevitable, shit I did, (didn’t end up with a kid though but thats another story…) but I was lucky to have the support and education needed to survive my little mishap and no one but myself was harmed. My little mishap didn’t ruin an infants future by leaving the kid screamin for hours (or worse) as I painted my nails or twittered my bff. Our nation needs to stop assuming, shit, blindly hoping that if a kid was raised by parents it acquired the skills needed to be a parent. I see the education system is making an attempt to educate youth (and btw whoever came up with the flour bag in a diaper shit for a scare tactic is a good hearted idiot) but 14 hours of teen mommy and me classes, really? Those 55,000 teen mommies could very easily mean 55,000 neglected infants. I wonder if 14 hours prepared them when a lifetime of experiences didn’t, my guess is, ummmmmmm maybe… I think our country should force high-school kids to help out in infant daycares, homeless shelter’s childcare facilities, and at schools with emotionally disturbed youth, bet that will stop them from spreadin their legs and pokin around without a rubbers for fucking sure. Fucking flour bag in a diaper, god help us all.

my sister got pregnant at the age of 12

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