Prognosticating Jen…

By jen

Ok, if the polls hold true and Prince Fuknut is elected I figured I would throw some things out there in the way of predictions.  We will see if any come true, hopefully not, but as you all know Hope is not my strong suit.

1. He will be called an Uncle Tom and a race traitor by some asshat like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or P Diddy before his first year is up.  Another man who sold out to whitey.

2. We will have more poor people even after throwing more money at the existing programs and creating a whole shitload of new ones.

3. He will establish some sort of Gaia love society aka Department of The Sky Is Falling.  Lots of money will go in and nothing other than junk science, regulations which the consumer suffers, and way too much Al Gore on tv will result.

4. We will still be at war, though probably after leaving too fast then having to go back in.

5. We will lose a large number of soldier’s lives in Darfur for no positive results.

6. Almondjoyadine will visit the White House

7. Cuba will become a top US vacation destination and not just for terrorists.  Isn’t it time we forgive Fidel anyway?  We can follow this with National Che Day.

8. Everyone who doesn’t fall on the EIC tax chart will pay more taxes.  It is inevitable and Obama/Biden needs to stop acting like it is only going to be 250k 200k 150k households.

9. He will increase funding of the UN while decreasing funding of national security.

10.  He will appoint three judges who believe the constitution is a touchy feely document and should be all about fairness and stuff.

11.  Nancy Pelosi will stop pretending she isn’t in charge of the country on about day 45 and Obama will just smile and say, “Gotta love that gal, she is a true bi-partisan.”

12.  We will have another terrorist attack here in the US after which there will be much fretting and talking and then we will let the UN shit all over us.

13.  John McCain will return to his Senate seat and continue to fuck his own party’s best interest.

14.  Michelle Obama will make Hillary Clinton look like a perfect first lady.  At least Hillary knew when to shut the fuck up.  Michelle is like Teresa Kerry but with a bigger head.

15.  The teachers union will continue to fuck out kids education up while standing in the way of school choice.

16.  The cost of absolutely everything will go up.  Gas, food, homes, utilities, education, health care.

17.  Race relations in this country will be set back to circa 1975.

18.  Mid-Term elections will not change anything because the average American has no clue how important they are.  Lowest approval rating for a congress ever and how many incumbents will lose their job?  Not many.

19.  Everything Bush did to advance African nations will fail once he is out of office.

20. Jenniferland will be established and prosper because we are all to damn stubborn to join the rest of the sheep in the herd.

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Re: #5, His decision to go to war will be lauded by all the dupes who put him in there!

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