Bibi Netanyahu is Still Hot

By jen

This one should get momotrips all fired up.  I remember a while back, hell it was probably the last election cycle, a blog entry that received a great many comments.  Well from us womenfolk anyway.  About hotness in the form of world leaders.  Benjamin Netanyahu won my vote hands down.  The man his Hawt HOT.

I was stumbling around yesterday’s news and ran across this little article about Bejamin Netanyahu’s website looking just like Obama’s.  As to the story… who gives a fuck.  As to the mention of Bibi… life is a little better for it.

Some Bibi Hotness…

Ignore Maher and just focus on Bibi’s hotness and the way he says hezbollah

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Oh you bad person…...
I’ve always liked Netanyahu, knowing About him…and thought he was good looking.
But I’ve never heard him talk more than a few lines, ....until now.

A very interesting interview…..And he IS Hot !

There’s someone whose voice tone in itself is identical to Netanyahu’s but I hesitate to mention him cause if you don’t like him…..well, better left unsaid.
But I noticed it immediately and thought it was a cool coincidence.

Surely there’s an English version of Netanyahu’s site.
But I can’t find where to click on it.

Netanyahu is what Israel has needed for years. Why, why did they vote him out a number of years ago? A smart, tough, man. 

And yes, Maher was a total buzz kill.

Aw baby you KNOW what I like! He is the hotness – you know how I love brain sex. Gray matter porn! And that voice…yum! Can you imagine sitting next to him at a dinner party? Hot, brilliant, funny – sex on a matzo!  I need a moment…

Bill Maher on the other hand is the consummate douche.

You know why Israel’s wars end quickly? They don’t worry much about collateral damage. They will fuck you up if you step out of line.

i fell in lust with N a few years back watching him being interviewed on BBC.  I’m all for his philosophy – get in, create as much chaos as necessary, and get out.

Relatively speaking, Mahr is kissing Bibi’s ass.

Mahr oozes so much pretensiousness…... ack! there just aren’t words to express my contempt.

Here’s a 5 minute interview with N. and Glenn Beck.
The sound quality is even better in this one for N’s voice….and also a good interview.

N. should do an audio book !
How many would buy it just for that voice of his ?!

he could read me the phone book. yum

mmmmmmm phone booooooook

I always thought I was the only person who thought Benjamin was hot!!!  I love alpha males – him and Vladimir Putin…...real manly men!!!

oh dear God I have found someone else who thinks Bibi is as sexy and crazy hot as I do!!  I realize this is a somewhat old blog post of yours, but I stumbled across it while looking for pics of “Bibi hotness” to post on my computer desktop, and was delighted to find your blog.  You are right, Jenn —his voice is a big part of what makes him soooooo damn sexy. I have literally fantasized about this man for YEARS! Swoon.

OK, I obviously did something wrong above. Did NOT mean to have the crossed out section in my post. Not sure why the strike through line appeared.   Also, PS I have to say that my mind was going completely in the gutter with ShyAsrai’s comment about Bibi’s philsophy “I’m all for his philosophy, get in, create as much chaos as necessary, and get out.”
Hmmm… I wouldn’t mind him getting in and creating a little chaos if you know what I mean.  ;-) 

There are those strike throughs again! Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. So sorry all. You can tell I’m a newbie to this blog.

shelly:  it is when you put to ”-” in a row it does some sort of textile code and strikes it through:)

I’ve always thought he was sexy as hell.  Everything about him… but the voice, oh man.  I’ve never told anybody because I figured I was the only one.  So glad to read these posts!  He’s so hot.

He is un-f’ing-believably gorgeous.  He’s the whole package. had a picture of him as an Israeli soldier.  I have it posted on my blog (above).  They don’t make them like him anymore and if so… Binis are few and far between.

He’s not just hot, he’s smokin’ HAWT!

Netanyahu is sexy without even trying….....and that makes him even sexier!!!

He’s hot, in the way that oppressive, authoritarian right-wing psychos are hot

ive always he was hot myself, though i know little about politics. definitely very hot.

Bibi Netanyahu is sooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!
 I”m only 23 so, I know it’s weird that I think so, but he is!! It’s his voice, his principals and his lower lip that stick out that make him sooo irresistible! 

I think his attractiveness comes from his confidence.  He is not afraid and it shows!  It is refreshing to see a man stand up and be a man.

I thought I was weird but I see Im not the only one that thinks hes hot. His brother Yoni was a hotty too.

I thought I was the only one too. I am happily married but have to chime in because I thought I was crazy or the only one who thinks that BN ought to be the tabloids #1 sexiest man alive. That voice, that confidence. Seriously yummy.

Haha! Reading my comment above made me laugh – since he’s been in the news again recently, I have to remember not to drool when there’s so much unrest in the area. It’s not very ladylike. He’s still “sex on a matzo”.

wow! I love his voice so much. I wonder what he sounds like when he’s having an orgasm!!!

Wow, I’m not the only one!! His confidence and manliness get me everytime I watch him on the news. When I first heard his voice I was done! He has the sexiest voice alive.

Sarah R, I agree. When I hear him, I just want him to whisper in my ear in Hebrew. How hot would that be! Sean Hannity is so lucky!

Bibi Netanyahu is so hotttt….. I hhave had a crush on him since I was about nine.

Any ways, I love Baddasses and Alpha Males and Bibi fits the bill :D
I remember seeing this interview with Bill Maher, and I squeed when I heardhis voice. Hell, I’d buy an audiobook if he were recording one!

Long live the Sexy Bibi!

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