Monday Morning Awesome = Chris Muir

By jen

Thank so much for the flattering mention into today’s strip, Chris!  He is The Shit, you know…


Thanks again :)

The Demure One

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Yay, Jen!!!!!

Congrats! You have arrived…. we can all say “we knew her when”...

Holy crap! I am awe-struck! What an incredible coup!

Good Grief!!  The bitch is famous!!!!  Good on ya’, toots!

I too am awe-struck! I’d be sending copies to every single person I graduated from HS and of course the teachers – who all forgot me – even while I was attending the stupid place!!!
You ROCK!!!

Well done. Keep spreading the wise words of Jen.

a weell deserved Kudo!!!!

I think I’m in love….I’ve been reading Day by Day for a while now, but never bumped into you, until today. This day really sucked a big hairy one until now, now I think it has been a pretty damn good day – thanks to you!
never underestimate the destructive power of stupidity.

I have also been reading DBD for a while now and am very happy for you!
Although I’d love to how Chris Muir would draw you!  ;-)

Congrads. Even added you to the Blogroll here.

Long time fan of DBD, wondering what TOOK them so LONG to mention Jen!!  My brain fails me in producing adequete adjetives to pay homage to the Demure One!  Much time will be wasted reading  the previous posts and reveling in the  Wit and Genius that is Jen! 

OMG, it is you!  I always forget the official name of your blog, and just think of it as Demure Thoughts.
Awesome. Major congrats!

Great! Now all you gotta do is get banned from LGF!

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