TDFU: OMG What A Week

By jen

First:  Apologies for lack of ranting and cursing.  Hubby had day surgery last friday and folks came in that evening.  Dad got sick overnight ended up in the hospital Sunday.  He just came home today.  In the midst of that I had daughter no. 3 get sick and worked 8 hours a day.  I am dead on my feet and it has been a come home get food in people get in bed sort of week.  Hopefully things will calm down now everyone is well enough to function and work might actually calm down this year…maybe.


I have been at the main office most of this week and had a few good lunches with some co-workers and talked some politics.  I have a few folks who see the world like me at work and some that live in fantasy land, but there are a few who sort of hit the middle ground.  Heard an interesting justification for entitlements to be continued and even justification for raising taxes to do so.  A loose quote:  A certain portion of the population is very very good at getting paid to do nothing.  They are never going to work.  They are always going to find a way to get something for nothing.  If you have to raise my taxes a bit to keep them from climbing over my fence to take from me what they want, then so be it.”  I think he makes a valid point that these welfare junkies are never going to get a job and taking away their entitlements are not going to suddenly inspire them to work.  That particular gene has been bred out of them and it is a sad fucking thing.  My problem is the fucking push from the left to push MORE money this way.   Enough.  You want to keep paying them to be poor, then so be it, but not another percentage point of extra funding goes that way.  Job training bullshit, education funding, and every other goddamn thing that is given for nothing out of my pocket is simply left as it is.  No idiotic healthcare insanity, no more fucking EIC for folks who work just enough to qualify to get a 4k tax credit check in April.  Let’s just face the reality that somewhere around 15% of our population is just going to fucking live like this and so fucking be it.  History has proven this fact because we have thrown billions at this issue and it has not changed a thing.  So stop the fucking insanity, call it a cost of doing business and be done with it.


I fucking hate drivers in San Antonio.  We have to have the absolute most stupid, incompetent, infuriating drivers on the planet.  For all that’s holy… FUCKING MERGE BITCHES.  This is not a difficult concept and you do not require four car lengths to do it in traffic moving 10mph.  I swear to all that’s sacred if I drove a big ass truck i would be pushing people into the street all the time.


Megan McCain is working my last fucking nerve.  After posting this picture she is amazed at being called a slut. Really?  Look, as the owner of a fantastic fucking rack I get being somewhat titcentric.   That said, I happen to have a few brain cells and an actual purpose in life.  I am not the Paris Hilton of political celebrity.  Just do the playboy spread and be done, honey.  Should we start the countdown for the sextape?  I love this one though..

when I am alone in my apartment, I wear tank tops and sweat pants, I had no idea this makes me a “slut”, I can’t even tell you how hurt I am—McCainBlogette

I dunno, maybe there are women who relax around the house in sweat pants, tank tops, and a push up bra in the evening then sit on their bed to take a pic of some andy warhol crap right beside, but careful not to obscure, their tits which are pushed u so high they form some weird secondary crease where a collarbone should be.  If you are going to flaunt the girl, then fucking own it sweetie.  Stop acting like you have no clue what could possible draw such comments.  Grow the fuck up.  Your entire fame is based not only on who your daddy is, but the fact you have a large set of sweater pumpkins.

Shit like this works my last nerve.  She pulls a fucking porn star pose and then lashes out at everyone for calling her on it?  Just start blogging for Kos or Ariana already.  I am sure they will gladly help you with your issues.  She needs to figure out what type of anti-psychotic medication to take because her narcissism is totally out of control.  You would think she would be out on the town partying with some guy instead of twittering and hanging around the apartment so much.  Must be her winning personality that causes her vacillate between flaunting her tits and lashing out at the world for objectifying her.  Stupid cunt.

I am going to go to bed and watch some tv.  I hope to blog over the weekend.  Have a great Friday!

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for the record, megan mccain’s tits are amazing
(and NO ONE knows how to merge.. anywhere)

Jen, have fun with this.  Mrs. Obama was at Eglin today.  Here is the local paper account (with vid).   http://www.nwfdailynews.com/news/eglin-21629-distinguished-most.html  uumm

Awesome post!!....just found your site through a few links from Hot Air and your blog is fantastic…..and I can relate to the idiot drivers, being right down I-10 from you here in H-Town, lots of FOOLS here!....

Hi Jen, love your rants.
Completely disagree that anyone should pay anyone else’s way. Once you accept the premise, you have lost the right to say “no more”.
The premise is this: The strong are MORALLY OBLIGATED to protect the weak. And the weak are anyone who stops working and demands your shit.
I have no problem with charity. That is because I have a choice in what charities I give money.
And to use your wonderful word, who does this fucknut think is committing all of the crime? Does he really think welfare will keep these worthless twats from stealing? Notice: They are given the right to steal by the philosophy “the strong are morally obligated to…” Hey, you have more than me, and you have not given it to me, therefore I have the right to take from you.
The same philosophy is used by all criminals and all dimocrats.
Crime went through the roof exactly when the Great Society was foisted upon us. That is part of the proof that welfare doesn’t prevent crime, but actually increased it by several hundred percent.
Thanks for your work here. Great stuff. Found it from Day by Day.

SA are downright experts compared to be the centenarian crowd of drivers here in south Florida.  Oh, they merge….at 10 MPH….while the traffic is flowing at 70…from the right….with the right blinker on….all the time.
I used to wonder why there was such a huge concentration of bad drivers here until I realized something.  They aren’t native.  They are all immigrants from Manhattan and Boston.  Both of those areas are known for their horrible drivers.  Combine those drivers into one small area like Ft Lauderdale and you have the Blackhole of Asshatery Driving.

True, some people will never work.
In much of the world, and for most of history, those people were known as bums, and they didn’t have a pot to piss in.   They served as a horrible example to society of what happens when you are a lazy bastard.  And some of their children vowed never to go hungry again, so they learned to work.
The welfare system not only protects people from their crap choices, it encourages them to believe that they deserve whatever they want, for free.  It is not hard to make the step into “and so I will just take your stuff, because obviously you’re going to give it to me eventually anyway.”
I must admit, I am kind of a timid merger.

a large set of sweater pumpkins
I prefer dirty pillows.
I think that the worst drivers in the World are in TX – try Houston (what is that the 610?!?) any time – 5 lanes and I bet no one (except me) went over 50mph. It was awful – which is why I started paying for the Sam Houston – avoid the idiots. And add a snow flurry and watch all hell break loose!
I have to come down on NO to welfare at all – it is a scam that has become generational and increased until – what even paying them, medical care, housing and ‘Obama’s money’ isn’t enough – and it has done nothing for crime. Meanwhile the Klownposse in DC is attempting to add a whole new slave class and repeat the scam until those who are working and/or earning a dollare are paying 90% taxes just to be fair and socially just. Bite me.

Megan McCain is even more irrelevant than her father. (I agree with Glenn Beck that the country is better off with Barry in the White House because the pendulum will swing back with savage force in the 2010 elections.)
My thoughts on entitlements and those who live on them are so politically incorrect that I can’t post them here. The short version: Fuck ‘em!
Sorry to hear about your week. I am now embarrassed for being pissed off by your absence from the blogosphere for so long. Best wishes.

I totally missed commenting on the young Ms McCain…
There was a rich man who had three lovers.  He gave each a million dollars.  The first woman went to town and spent the money on expensive outfits and jewelry.
The second invested the money in several companies and made her own future.
The last woman put the money away in wise investments insuring she would have money in her old age.
So who did the rich man marry?
The one with the big rack.

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I hate to say this Jen, but have you ever been in traffic in the Northern Va., Maryland, D.C. area??? And I mean at any time during the 24 hour period we call a day… these people wrote the book on insane driving!!! Throw in West Virginian’s traveling in with the above 3, the capitol beltway and politicians from every country in the world… I am so glad I’m “retired on disability” and living most of the time in the OBX… just waiting for the wife to retire and move away from the land of “permanent road work signs”... if you value what is left of any sanity you ever had, perhaps you don’t want to come here after all…

Jen,  I too found this site thanks to DBD (he really IS the shit!).  

When I was teaching my daughter to drive, I’d give her 1 & half  car lengths to merge and also to accellerate into the lane when making a lane change.   Here in Colorado, we get the idiots doing ‘farmer’ turns.   That’s when they swing left halfway into the left lane to turn right.    

BUT the absolute worst are the morons who will pull into a parking lot from a busy street and immediately stop to look around and discuss where they want to park.   Somehow they always act surprised and offended when I lay on horn with my car halfway hanging out in the street.

Hello Jen,
First time to the blog from The Other McCain. Good stuff. Couldn’t agree with you more about McCain’s daughter. She’ll likely end up on MSNBC or the view before it is all said and done.

“Just do the playboy spread and be done, honey.”
OK, there just ain’t that much imagination bleach in the world…

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