Well, Shit…

By jen

Daughter no. 3 (9 y/o) is in the hospital.  This is the one all you old skool demure thoughts folks might remember four years ago being in the hospital.  Pancreatitis again, though no gallbladder, appendix to stir it up, they are testing and looking for other sources of stones, obstructions, etc.  Hopefully they can figure out what is setting her off.  I will update periodically and ask everyone to keep her in your prayers.  She is a trooper, but we all need angels.


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Pulling for the little one…

Prayers for you and the family.

Hope she’s well again soon. Hospitals are scary enough for adults, much less a 9 year old.

Ouchie, I hope it all turns out well.

my best to your daughter, and to you and the rest of the family.
you may already have the info at these links, but just in case, here’s the NIH and the Mayo clinic pages on the issue.
remember: you have a right to know what is going on, and to have clear, detailed, jargon free explanations as to her condition, treatments, etc.  don’t let them blow you off.  if the staff gets silly, there should be a “patient ombudsman” or something similar to take your gripe to. if there isn’t, ask them which national association the hospital is accredited with, and trust me when i tell you they will be most displeased to find out that facility isn’t informing patients and families.
who’s in the business and knows.

I spent a month in the hospital at about that age, but I enjoyed it because home sucked so bad.
I will pray that they are able to help her and that she isn’t lonely, or suffering.

PS: feel free to email me if you have any questions about stuff. i won’t go above my pay grade, but i do know my way around the profession.  and yes, anything discussed will be classified burn before reading.  i’ll even give you my RL info so you can hunt me down if i don’t.  %-)

Lots of positive thoughts her way… and yours too!

My mom was hospitalized twice with pancreatitis. The doctor kept asking me, “is she a drinker?”, from behind his hand. She isn’t, and it turned out to be H-pylori, which mimicked the symptoms of pancreatitis. Once she had the correct treatment, she bounced right back.

Praying for relief from pain for your daughter, wisdom for her doctors, and strength and comfort for your family.

Dang … sorry to hear that, Jen.

Wife & me are praying for the little one …

Prayers for your 9 y/o, you, and your family.
I hope things turn out ok….and she has a quick recovery.

Best wishes and prayers to your daughter!

My prayers are with you and your daughter during this difficult time

Prayers for your daughter and the rest of your family. Having been both a sick child and the parent of two hospitalized children – it is no emotional picnic on either end.

Damn, more than your share of hospitals in the past week…
I pray that she gets better, home and up and running you ragged very, very soon. Do they know why this has happened twice? Can you expect it again or do they know a way to prevent it? Poor little thing. I know this is probably painful for her. Sucks being a mother sometime.  Stay strong.
My best friend just made a teacher cry and a roomful of teachers shudder this past week on behalf of her daughter that got some shabby treatment! (She’s a teacher herself, so she knows their buttons). While listening to her story, I immediately thought of you! I love you both because you are so proactive and take no shit from anyone! I know you will do what has to be done with her doctors and healthcare workers to get your little one the best care, whether you make them cry or not!
Love ya! Mel

Wow. Take care, and prayers said.

Hang in there.

GODDAMNIT! That totally Fucking SUCKS! Better kick the Fucking Piece of Shit Doctors in the Ass, and get them in gear!

Seriously, best wishes,  thoughts and prayers.


Prayers for your little one, and your family.  Hope all is well very soon.

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