Update: The Sick Kid Saga

By jen

Had surgery today.  She was full of stones again.  Apparently my daughter makes stones from just her bile, no gallbladder needed.  Doc was amazed to see them again, but please he didn’t have to stent anything.  He is going to put her on some sort of bile thinning drug so that her apparently sticky bile doesn’t make cholesterol stones again.  Also, you do not need to have high cholesterol to have cholesterol stones, learn something everyday.   We are home, thank god.  I was about to slaughter someone on the pediatric ward if we stayed longer.  I will say the GI lab staff and recovery staff were amazing, on the ward, not so much.  It was like going from uptown to the ghetto, literally.  Ugh… never again.  I am glad her pancreas is calm because if they were going to need to admit her, I was going to transfer her back to Methodist Children’s Hospital because I simply could not cope with the pedi ward.  Moldy shower and shower curtain.  Leaking faucet.  Just fucking lame.  Sorry folks, a lcd tv does not make up for clueless staff and just not a clean room.  It was chaos.

I will blog more maybe tomorrow, just wanted to update everyone.  Hopefully we are on the mend for good.  Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes.


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You’re doing great. My Mom had pancreatitus, tough stuff.

Glad she is home and you too.   YOU, as Mom, need some rest as well.  Prayers will continue to be sent.

Don’t apologize to or worry about us.  Just take care of yourself and your family!  We can wait a little while for your next rant (probably ;-))
Your family is still in our prayers.  Get some rest and dream that Reagan is back in the White House  :-D

Vibes to you and yours.

That sucks, Jenface.  But I’m happy you are all home and recovering.  xoxoxox

Glad to hear things are working out well. As to the hospital situation – talk it up as that is what we will all be up against if Obamacare gets passed.
Remember (or don’t forget) these liberal Ds are the same ones who screamed and cried for an age over Walter Reed’s horrid state of being (conveniently ignoring that they were the ones who put it on the BRAC list in the midst of a war and also privatized the maintainance) – in other words exactly what they are attempting for all of the Nation is exactly what they did to Walter Reed. And screamed about under a R President.
In other words they think we  have the memories of goldfish and are stuck on stupid all the time.
Great news, rest and re-coop and we will be here when you get back.
Zombiethon today – I must get cooking.

Well wishes to both you and your daughter. It’s got to be nice to be home, that hospital sounds hellacious.

Glad she’s back home and you too !.....
Hospitals Suck.

Hope the bile thinning meds do the trick.

Very glad to learn that your daughter’s situation is stabilized and somewhat better. Let’s hope the thinning drugs do the trick without side effects.
A dirty, run down hospital room is inexcusable in America. Absolutely inexcusable. Sure, maybe that’s what you get in some turd world hell hole where they haven’t even invented water yet, and have only advanced as far as flies, but not here. No way.

I had my gallbladder out several years ago and I wouldn’t wish that pain on anybody (except OBL) and never on a child. 

Best Wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

I hope your daughter gets well soon.

Thoughts and prayers for your daughter.  IMHO, there is nothing better you can do for your kids is to let them know that they are loved beyond measure and that you will always be there for them.  (As an aside I grieve for the kids who don’t get that from their parents.)
It is clear from your posts that your daughter knows that.  That is a Good thing, and not in the bullshit, smarmy Martha Stewart way.

Bless you, Jen—you and your family will be in our prayers.

best wishes to the little gal.

good grief REPORT that nasty pediatric ward! 

Hope things are continuing to improve.

Hope you are well. You’re missed.

Hey Jen….did you see Michelle actually wore something Appropriate to go with Prince FN to the memorial at Ft. Hood ?!
Shocking, considering her past fashion choices.

Hope your daughter’s doing alright and everyone’s well at your house. 

Hi Jen:
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Not to be whiney, but we miss you out here. Heck, I might even take up cussin’ for myself if you don’t post soon.
PS: My Captcha words are fakir and nerd. Can I just enter Obama?

SB: I’m pretty sure Michele was reduced to selecting from Laura Bush leftovers, since the curtains and couch covers have all been used.

Get well soon, kid!

...is things okay, Jen’?

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