Observations on a Saturday Afternoon

By jen

I haven’t done a list in a while.  I do love me a good list

A bunch of things that are on my mind:

1.  Hass Avocados are one of God’s perfect creations; cut in half and get a spoon.  Doesn’t even need salt if it is just ripe enough.

2. World cup soccer makes me happy.  I am not a huge soccer fan per se, but I am a serious fan of soccer thighs.  I am certain that the current match usa vs england has the highest “hip thingie” saturation of any sporting event in history.  Dear god there are some bangin’ hot men on the field and more than one shaved head.

3. Obama is a fucking wanker. Read a headline at Hotair says something about not being able to suck up the BP oil spill with a straw.  I would argue he probably has mad straw skills from his cocaine days.  just sayin’

4. I am having a tomato phase.  I bought a pack of yellow cherry tomatoes.  Mmmm like candy.

5.  The expendables looks like fun. I know it will probably suck, but really it looks like a perfect way to spend 2 hours of my day.

One of the trailers has Arnold and Bruce in it and with the cast added in the only thing missing is Jesse Ventura.

6.  My kids are out of town and I have no idea what to do with myself.

7. The fact I have over 300 books on my kindle means I need some sort of 12 step program I think.

8. I am not a fan of the new Roku netflix interface.  I like the idea but I am just not liking the reality of it.

9. No, I do not think your EVO is The Shit. I own an iPhone.  Puhleaze.

10. The world is full of fucking idiots.

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I like Jesse Ventura…..but I don’t like that straggly little ponytail he sometimes sports. He should cut that damn thing off. ..But I won’t be the one to tell him that.
Agree Hass avocados are to die for.
My own guacamole is very good but I also like the “Wholly Guacamole” brand that’s in the produce area refrigerated. Spicy version should be called
Crack Guac….can’t stop eating it.

3, 5 and 10… totally agree

7. No, No, No – great literature (and even some of the piss poor stuff) is the gateway to all things – Freedom, Knowledge, Imagination – one of the problems today is that so many people can not/don’t READ.
3. How are We The People not thinking/saying out loud -Is that guy a damn idiot – to say something that stupid as POTUS? Of course if it had been GWB (I just can’t go down there and stand in front of the levees and stop the water with my bare hands) the MSM would be laughing for decades over it – So now we know exactly where their bias lies.
10. Ditto

All agreed till the iphone comment. Had it. gave it back. Was OK, but the suckage that is AT&T destroys all iPhone neatness.   iTunes is the next thing that cripples it. Not the concept of the store but the actual implementation by Apple.
Have the EVO.  So far so good, but too early to tell.  One big plus is that I can now actually place a phone call from my home—something AT&T could not do.

Please come back!!! I just discovered your blog, but it looks like you’re no longer around. ;(

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