Oh Hell Yes

By jen

He was so not this hot when I was HOT for him back in the day.  Bangin’ hot with all that ink…

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Jen there is no picture..

me thinks you forgot something Jen

Agreed, white is very white.

Jen just doesn’t want to share.

Good I thought oh damn now what’s wrong with my computer!

Can’t see the pic either but knowing the Demure One I’m going to guess it is a pic containing tattoos and a hip-thingy.  If it turns out to be a pic of Mark Harmon with tattoos and a hip-thingy offering to buy her a pair of smoking hot red stilettos…Well, we’re going to have to wait a couple of days for the drooling to stop and her brain to come down before she’s ready to communicate again.

its Vanilla Ice…..
i may have to block this blog….. after i pop a thermite grenade on top of my skull.

Vanilla-ICE!!?  Oh sweetie I worry about you…  My eyes…...they burn….

This is what I waited for – there is no account for taste among the young.
But since I come to a stop with anything Sam Elliot (yeah I know, I am OLD)  – I can understand that sort of crazy and nonsensical gut reaction. Sam could read the telephone book – and I’d sit and watch and drool and waste hours of my life.
I guess my first sentence should read – there is no account for a gut reaction.

Jen, have you seen the new Angle commercial?  Wow… the best of the season.  She attacks BOTH Reid and the Enlightened One.

Jesus Christ, you’re a fucking idiot.

Jen is right about one thing: he would look better if they inked over the entire camera lens….

Wardmama, that means you’re a Big Lebowski fan too? Sam Elliot with FULL mustache AND hat!! “Got any more of that sarsaparilla pardner?”
Jen – your Captcha words seem to be written by Bawney Fwank. Mine was “ploubly journalof”. Huh???

STOP!!  Collaborate and lissen….


You ok Jen?

I hope all is well with you Jen and your family. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Bill Wilson

Personally, I’m wondering just how many more tests the aliens can run on her, after her abduction. You’d think they’d be about finished by now, right?

Well, nothing for awhile. So I guess I’ll have to say Merry Christmas in an October post. Merry Christmas to you and yours Jen’.

Just stopping by to wish Jen & everyone here a very Merry Christmas – and the very best in the New Year.
(Drew – never seen the Big Lebowski – never have been one to see every movie someone I like makes – although we did get both of Mel Gibsons first movies – talk about going to the limit)
Let us hope that this year brings either a wake-up to reality to the crapweasels in DC – or a Second Revolution of We The People to restore America and the American Way of Life.

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