So, WTAF is Going On?

By jen

You may notice my new favorite acronym in the title.  This is something special because as a general rule I do not easily adopt acronyms.  Everytime I see “LOL” or “ROFL” I want to set something on fire and watch it burn like a Towering Inferno.  WTAF = What the ACTUAL Fuck!  Love it!.  So the answer…

What the actual fuck is going on with me?  A shitload of work, that’s what.  A shitload of work, kids who as they get older have these things called “school activities and responsibilities”.  Totally cuts into my blogging, reading, writing, and shoe shopping time.  So I will just unload on some of the shit in the world that is working my last fucking nerve.

1. Let’s take a quick review of my predictions about Obama from October of 2008

We will have more poor people even after throwing more money at the existing programs and creating a whole shitload of new ones.

Do I even need to get into that one?  What phase of fuck America and fuck all you plebs are we in now?  If  I start on a tirade about tax return last week I will never stop and my blood pressure will spike.

Cuba will become a top US vacation destination and not just for terrorists.  Isn’t it time we forgive Fidel anyway?  We can follow this with National Che Day.

Oh so close… so very very close.

The cost of absolutely everything will go up.  Gas, food, homes, utilities, education, health care.

There is absolutely no fucking reason on the planet why I should be paying what I am paying for gas.  My grocery bills are higher.  My health insurance was changed and my company had to pull a rabbit out of their ass to keep our benefits at the same level with minimal increase to cost.  My co-pay went up on office visits, prescriptions, and deductible is higher.  Thank God I work for a company large enough and successful enough to negotiate plans that keep my family covered.   Policy changes due to the “changes in US healthcare mandated by congress” blah blah blah.  Fuck you Congress and leave me at least some of the damn money I work so hard to make.

Race relations in this country will be set back to circa 1975.

Yeah, that one doesn’t even need to be addressed.  I have seen more of this than I have ever seen in my life and it is just fucking ridiculous.

I got a few wrong, but he still has time to jack the rest of it up.

2. Why oh why is the world so freakin’ obsessed with wedge shoes.  They are ugly, clompy, and have no freakin’ place at work.  DSW has four freakin’ aisles of this shit.  STOP THE INSANITY.

3.  I have been obsessively reading Urban Fantasy.  Some recommendations for you…

Deadtown series by Nancy Holzner
October Daye series by Seanan McGuire (I was slow to warm to this first book but i love it now)
Horngate Witches by Diana Pharaoh Francis (not your normal witch series.  nothing cutesy about it.)
The Edge series by Ilona Andrews (anything by this writing duo is top notch)
The Black Sun’s Daughter series M.L.N. Hanover (This series really grew on me and male authors in this genre are new for me)
Rogue Mage series by Faith Hunter

I love my Kindle and my Kindle App!

4.  Do you know how difficult it is to try and blog while I am watching Adam Levine on TV?

5.  I am still trying to process this whole Japan nightmare.  I still cannot wrap my brain around it.

6.  I have been thinking alot about blogging but have been just totally unwilling to focus as I am sure is reflected in this attempt at it.

So, I will not say I will be back tomorrow or this weekend but I will say I am still here, still bitchy, and still totally not understanding why the world is full of so many stupid freakin’ people!  Thanks for all the emails asking where I am and shit.  They are appreciated!  My girls are all doing great, thanks be to GOD.  Me, I am still working the demure gig and pissing people off.  We all have to do what we are good at.


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Welcome back… I printed that blog entry back in October 08.  It is hanging on my wall* at work.  There are several checkmarks I have made on it that indicate how right you were.

  • Hidden of course because it would be in violation of the Hatch Act to display it openly

I am so glad that you are back – even though I don’t have a clue who Adam whatever is or where one would ‘watch’ him. No bother – mine is Sam Elliot – too bad there is hockey on today – or I’d put in the mini-series he starred in – just to watch 6 hours of him!
Let me, let all of you (non-government involved still somewhat free people) in on a secret. My hubby gave his body & 23 years of his life to Uncle Sugar and thus we have government ‘healthcare’ – We are now driving an hour plus to the nearest MTF (military treatment facility) as our co-pay stayed stable but every thing else was shooting up like mad. In 2009 I had two eye laser surgeries – I paid for both (full shot) the first one they claimed I did not have a referral (after stating that they would pay fully and no mention of referral) – second one – said that We hadn’t met the deductable -to which I laughed – how can we – We ARE PAYING FOR EVERYTHING. Our meds are shooting up – I now get mine (90 days) at the MTF. Son is still local for all but medical care – as the trip is hard on him. His psych Dr payments down here continues to rise as does his meds.
As if that isn’t enough – Hubyy hasn’t worked since Jan 2010 – it is getting old, really old. He did get his first interview on Fri. He grad from college (IT, Network Security) in Dec 2010. His loans start coming due next month – this should be fun.
Meanwhile our youngest daughter grad in May 2010 – is still jobless and wait for it – sick. She had a terrible allergic reaction last summer – it apparently killed her immune system. She is in testing (her ID card expires next Month) – on a Gluten Free diet and no solid explanation as to what is going on. And her Plan A fell through and being on a GF diet – her plan B fell through. So she has no job either – a couple of interviews – too much education, too little experience. Welcome to our brave new hope and change world.
I have never felt defeated as I do right now. As it is becoming clear to me that Left, Right or in-between – all the crapweasels in DC – are working against us to destroy the US. And I’m too fucking old to start over – which is what I am getting at my applications.
Bite Me – We could save billions if we just got rid of the 536 morons who created this disaster and all their pay, bennies and golden parachutes and golden mattresses to land on retirement packages.
And Brad – I’ve thought of sending a note to The Won – but right now my family can’t afford to lose me or pay for a lawyer. Hidden indeed. And that is what is most scary. We The People are being silenced.

Nice to read your words again. Don’t stop.

Need to hear your thoughts on the death of ObL. I thought for sure you’d have a rant. I’m so off of politics these days. There’s not anyone that has the best interest of the “people” at heart. We’re so far in debt there seems to be no hope of coming out of it without a complete collapse. Don’t really know what the future holds. I do know that the oil industry is kind of beginning to rebound – because of gas prices? Maybe. I just know that my husband’s company is starting to see more jobs coming down the pike. My sister’s real estate business is nil. She’s worried about losing her OWN home. Things just generally suck. It all seems so futile.
Re: wedges – they have NO place at work (well, I have seen some that are actually hot, but very few), but wedge sandals are great for casual wear. You just have to be discriminating in your choices. What I don’t get are wedge boots and booties. YUCK! Stilettos or stacks all the way. I miss your shoe blogging!

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