Boobs and Rambling

By jen

The boobs are good, nothing that isn’t suppose to be there, just the little titanium clip they left in last year when I had all the biopsy drama.  Go me!  Hooray for boobs!

Speaking of boobs, is it just me or does Obama make everyone throw up a little in their mouth when he talks?  Speaking of Prince Fabulous… I am going to Chicago next week, never been there, I cannot wait to soak in the city that gave us the super duper agent of change. I think I should schedule lunch with Rahm.  Thoughts?

I have recently discovered Shellac nail stuff.  It takes half the time of tips and fills and they are spiffy!  I have red nails and i am constantly distracted by them… sparkles!  Actually i am distracted because i have been doing the french manicure for so long anything else makes me feel all silly.  I mitigate this with my dark blue sparkle toes.

Speaking of toes and Chicago.. the folks at the hotel where my conference is say they are sold but i can go down to another hotel “just down the road” walking distance.  Uh huh… I googled it, it is like a mile.  I said walking distance?!  I am from Texas, honey… we drive to the neighbor’s house.  Walk shmalk… a mile in stilettos?  Really?

I have discovered Audible and am now incapable of driving without listening to a book.  Hell I don’t even really mind the drive home anymore.  I listened to Game of Thrones first off, it was great didn’t think i could find much better for narration etc.  That said, i am halfway through Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson and it is even better. I have been wanting to read this trilogy but haven’t been able to get in the mood.  Highly recommend it. I know now why he was selected to finish the Wheel of Time series, great world building in this book.  Next up I might get some sort of vampire porn or something, only concern is that I will wreck the car laughing the first time I hear a narrator talking about a throbbing shaft or moist cavern or some such shit.

I wonder if i will get scanned at the air port?  I should choose a bra with little metal blings or something that makes smiley faces and matching panties.  Since this is for work I am flying whatever carrier they stick me with and of course they stuck me with American Airlines which means I am flying through Dallas which means I will probably be blogging belligerence about delays and other shit.  Meh.

Is it just me or has House become really depressing?

I think Sarah and I have a new record number of games going at once on the iPhone.  I think we are playing three Words with Friends and two Scrabbles.  I think there was a Wordsworth game going on as well.  Love my phone…

More soon!

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Glad the tests were good.
I do believe I hate Dallas apt the most (but hey I was a kid going through O’hare et al) so maybe there are worse places.
The ‘within’ walking distance – when my daughter & I went to DC the last time – we stayed in Alexandra (I am cheap, especially on my dime) – I asked the guy how close the metro was – he said ‘within walking distance’ – good thing we left early the next morning and drove – it was 5 miles away. Do not know what planet he’s from. But I don’t walk 5 miles anywhere or for any reason.
And just last month I finally flew again – after stripping down to almost nothing (and then having to dress again on the other side) – the jerks tried to push me off the plane (can you say overbooked) and then we sat on the plane for an hour – over a simply little clasp pin for the overhead bin. Finally the guy duct taped it and took forever to ‘write it up’. I wish we stayed on the ground – terrible turbulence – worst flight ever. Coming back – again delayed but this time from coming in – so we just sat in the airport.

And for this people pay hundreds of dollars?!?

If you think House is depressing now, wait till Cuddy leaves. Lisa Edelman is quitting. Boo, hiss. Why bother when the show is only set to run another year?
Yes, they’ve all gone nutso. I think half this season is another one of House’s Vicodin hallucinations from the mental hospital.
Last time I was in Chicago I was amazed at how small it is. What I do like is that they have a restaurant for just about every cuisine out there, so you’ll get the chance to try some really different meals if you want. If not, they do steak and taters pretty darn well too.

If you like Italian food, you’re in luck.  Try the Italian Beef sandwiches at any of the Portillo’s.  If you like hot dogs, Chicago style is good.  Since you’re in Texas, I would guess the mild peppers they use won’t bother you any.  There are mom & pop Italian restaurants all over the place, kind of like the tex-mex places in your part of the country.  Enjoy!

HOORAY  for healthy boobies!
just a thought, but if you hold a bidding contest for the TSA folks to get to be the one that gives you the pat down, you can make this trip into a profit making venture…
just trying to be helpful!  %-)

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