It’s been a while..

By jen

Hello to anyone who still has me in an RSS feed!  Yeah, I live.  Life is chaos as usual.  Work is demanding.  Daughter No. 1 is married as of 2 Feb 2013, and the other three girls are full of piss and vinegar!   I am good, as good as anyone can be in the current political bullshit we live in.

I would go back to my Obama predictions list from when the asshat was elected the first time, but that is like shooting fish in a barrel.  Sad, so very very sad.  Not that he lived up to every nightmare I had for him, but because this country is full of people so monumentally stupid they would re-elect him.  Yeah, humanity is pathetic.

I will tell you that I do take a perverse joy in the following scenarios:

1.  Pumping gas we are playing 250% too much money per gallon to use:  I stand cursing Prince Fuknut without regard to who is listening.  I look around at all the other people filling up and cringing.  I see at least four of five Obama Stickers and start asking, “How is this working out for you, honey?  I would like to personally thank you for extending this joy for me.  I fucking LOVE spending almost $4 per gallon for gas.”   I have yet to hear a response beyond, “It’s the republicans!”    Granted, the GOP is as fucked up as the rest of them, but seriously?  I always ask, “It’s the republican’s what?”  This i always greeted with silence.

Still a good question that deserves an answer!   Exactly what are the Republicans doing to your precious Obama?  Nothing!  They are impotent morons who wouldn’t know what a set of balls felt like if they were slapping them on the forehead!”

2.  Watching the panic and anger in the Government Workforce at the sequester:  Oh make no mistake, I get the anger.  These guys are no different than anyone else for the most part, bills to pay, responsibilities, etc… I would be pissed too.  That said, there are 10 Obama stickers for ever Romney sticker in the parking lot.  So I always want to ask why they are angry?  This is their agent of change and goodness.  He loves them.  He cares for them.  He is going to change the world!  I say nothing, again, it is too easy and they see this is not Obama’s doing.  Wild… I mean he is one lucky guy.  When something good happens, it is rare, but sure it happens on occasion… it is all about how Obama made it happen.  How powerful and strong he is.  When something fucks up?  IT IS THE REPUBLICANS!!!!  He has it made.  Hell, I wish I could do whatever I want without regard to consequence.  He is living the fantasy life of every 12 year old on the planet.  Free for all!

Ok, I need to control my excessive punctuation, I am annoying myself.

So, on to other things…

My faith in humanity is pretty much at an all time low.  Not just because of Obama and all those fuck ups who keep getting reelected on both sides, but just everyday people.  Yeah I know it is a circular thing; what came first?  The stupid person or the stupid politicians?  I try to stay away from that question because it will make me stupid to ponder it and frankly it is like asking why the sky is blue?  Why are the Kardashian’s celebrities making million by just being retarded on tv?  Why is there a Honey Boo Boo on tv and who thought it was Ok?  Idiocracy… it is coming to pass.

Hmmm Oh oh!  The Great Gun Grab of 2013… yeah good luck with that.  I am sure the ammo makers and gun manufacturers are thrilled to have the bump in sales.  Way to go, asshats!  Exactly how far up your ass does a head have to be for this to sound like a good idea?  It is like a gag reflex on the part of the left… they cannot help it.  They see a horrible tragedy happen involving a gun and they simply have to drag out the gun control.  I use to think these guys didn’t see how stupid the idea was, how they could think that laws would stop this, but it is not their goal, duh.

It is not about stopping crime, it is about controlling citizens.  They disarm the law abiding and then make them dependent on government for protection (which they cannot provide) against the thugs and criminals (which they fund either directly or indirectly).  Dependency… it is all about control.  It has zero to do with those babies that died… that is the saddest part.  It is never about avenging the dead it is about using the tragedy to gain control.

Disgusting… just disgusting.

Laziness and willful ignorance is a blight on this country.  If I had a dollar for every time in the last month I have heard the phrase “That is not my job” at work, my entire family would be enjoying the waves and sun in Bora Bora.   I have never seen so many people so unwilling to work.  Hell, they spend more time and effort avoiding work than it would take to just DO the work.  Alas, it is not just limited to workplaces… it is everywhere.  There is no escaping the stupid.  Feeling like the smartest person in the room gets old.  Knowing you are the only person in the room who wants to work, well that is just fucking sad.

America is being held hostage by stupid.  So much stupid.  People either walking around thinking the world owes them something or people walking around like everything will be fine because “it always turns out ok”.  Yeah, let me know how that goes…

It is so hard to raise kids right now.  Not the cost, though that is absurd, but the constant battle against the world influencing them.  The pushing back on a school system that wants to turn them into dependent pussies.  Against the TV which we all love and I will not hide from them but find myself way too often going, “Why are you watching this shit?  You know that is fucked up, right?”  Explaining the first thought a successful married woman has upon learning she is pregnant is NOT supposed to be “should I keep it?” it should be “OMG Babies are amazing!”  I worry about boys being pussified in America but the danger to girls is just as bad.  It is like society wants to breed little narcissist princesses who just want to be worshiped by the stupid emasculated men around them.  Who will be in charge?  The fucking cat?

Ugh… ok… I feel better

Anyone know what it would take to found my own country?

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Thanks Jen!
Good to have you back

Great to have you return Been checking Almost daily for more of your wit and wisdom 

Hi Jen, welcome back !!!!  Just to let you know it is not only the US that is fucked – us here in OZ have as bad a government as you if not worse so we can relate to your frustrations. The saddest part is that almost half would still votes for the incompetent bastards!!!  Keep posting!!!

Missed you! Your beautiful daughter shares my anniversary. Best wishes to her and congratulations to her lucky husband. I hope she has lots of babies to help populate this half-witted world with more of your genes.
Don’t be a stranger. I admit I squealed a little when I saw your blog highlighted in my feed! I have shied away from politics because I get so upset and there seems to be no cure for the permeating stupid. I even hate the GOP – politicians in general just piss me off. Your biting commentary always makes me feel better!

No feed for me, so I’m getting here late. Glad to see some kind of vent from you after all this time. Glad to hear D#1 got wed. Golly, time flies huh?
Please try to make this posting stuff a more-than-annual event.

Yeah – a Jen fix again. Your absence is why I don’t do a blog – I know people would think I was dead from the time between postings! So glad to hear the family is ok – great news on the eldest – I’ve added TWO grandchildren (and a real, manly new s-i-l to replace the lying moron). Too bad we are still unemployed – so no traveling to keep up with hugs and kisses. Skype keeps us all able to at least see each other.
There are moments when I think we are doomed – but we have to remember that the media is in the big o’s back pocket – so much is censored, distorted and just plain lies – it is hard to know what is true. I don’t believe that this moron won (remember 8 years of selected not elected, they did it for a purpose) fair and square. It’s just a shame that the media, GOP and courts have no guts where this moron is concerned.
Contrary to what people believe – anything done is not permanent (look at Prohibition) and unlike the rest of the world – this is America – we are a different idea, a different people and an entirely different concept. We will survive and we will come back.
Simply because once the takers cross the 51% line – their house of cards collapses and those of us who are the workers – can take back over and set the reset button.
Keep working – those of us who are unemployed (and not content to take from the big o and simply sit on our asses) admire you and wish we were there. And oh yeah, check in once in a while – we love ya.

you’re back!!!!


you were missed…

MY faith in humanity is back, ‘cause Jen is!

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