Work and Taxes…Yeah, It Blows

By jen

I have decided to take a break this evening from my TV addiction and post a quick thought or two.  Baby steps.

First, let’s talk about work.   I fall into that category of humanity who really doesn’t love what they do, but happens to be very good at it.  Lucky me!  I say to myself 100 times a day, “You are blessed, Jennifer.  Your kids are healthy, happy, and safe.  You have a good job that pays well.  You have a beautiful home and a great family life.”  It is my mantra as I am dealing with bureaucracy at a level that I didn’t think was possible.  What do I do for a living that puts me in the thick of red tape hell?  Wait for it… IT.   Yeah, not exactly what you would think would be fraught with copious amounts of bureaucracy.

This is how it should go:  ”So, Jennifer… we need you and your amazingly efficient team to consolidate 3 instances of the same systems into a single upgraded and modernized system.  You guys are The Shit so here is what you need, now go make it happen.”

This is how it would go in most places:  ”Uhm, Jennifer.  We need your team to consolidate some systems so we can work better.  You have like 1/2 of what you need, two people instead of the five, and yeah uhmm that 3 months you need… you get 6 weeks and that includes testing and migration.  You can do that right? Great!  Go do it.”

This is how it works in my world:  ”Jennifer!  We love you and your team so much and we just know you are going to make this happen for us.  Here is a huge data center of your dreams, here is all the upgraded software and super spiffy amazing Business Intelligence stuff you have been pushing us to invest in for three years. Here are two more people to enhance your team.  As a matter of fact, what you are doing for us is so freakin’ life changing we are going to make sure everyone in this entire directorate knows that your effort is our NUMBER ONE priority and they need to get to hoppin’ and skippin’ when you ask for something. We know you can do it!  Yea verily, go with our blessing and full support on this adventure!   Cheering and rose petals  OH!  Wait!  Yeah… we need you to get this through full C&A with our super special flavor of a very simple process that has been so over complicated that it will make you want to hammer spikes into your head in just a matter of days!”

sigh  and Meh…  Let’s just say that I have discovered levels of stupid the likes of which even God has never seen!  (Yeah that was totally a play on a Dune quote… I could use a few Mentats)

I am blessed.  My kids are happy, healthy, and safe…

Taxes.  Ugh.  I have to pay and it pisses me off.  What exactly are my tax dollars paying for these days?  Well, not what it should be paying for.  Just off the top of my head I am contributing to the bill for:

  • Obama’s next vacay

  • Homeland Securities bullet buy/passive gun control (Just in case we cannot sweep in and take your guns with legislation… now we have all the bullets!)

  • The warm fuzzy feeling of safety I get when I hear the phrase, “Secretary of State John Kerry”

  • The fun of paying to prop up foreign governments while closing down my own

  • Obamacare aka there goes all your great doctors to foreign lands to work medical tourism gigs while you get the leftovers unless you can afford to go to Costa Rica for that heart transplant!

  • The unmitigated joy of funding the demise of a once great nation!

I fucking hate April…

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Yup,you called it…

At least the first part of that “how it works in my world” sounded good. I always used to be made aware that a migration project was being started – in red status from Day 1 of course – was “why haven’t you finished this yet?”
IT can really suck the mud pole. And the dirtiest ends of that dirty stick are Testing and Migration. Never any time or money for either, but boy howdy everything better work perfectly the moment the first ham fingered user starts blindly smacking his keyboard. And I’m looking at those two from a software perspective. Hardware is often worse.

Try SharePoint and Project Server 2007 to 2010 consolidating three separate systems of each into a single unified with a staff of 2 for 10000 users.  Yay!  :)
According to my taxes, that is why I make the Big buck$ 

This, I think, is so funny…what do you think about Obama being O.K. with 15 year olds purchasing the morning after pill?
p.s. Luv’s the site.

Indeed it does…

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